Welcome Kate and Gabrielle

June 9, 2022

We are excited to have 2 new contractors join our Care Farming Network Team! Kate Mudge will coordinate outreach, communications and events for the Care Farming Network, and Gabrielle will focus on the Care Farming Network’s social media strategy. We are super excited to have them join the team!!

Kate Mudge photoKate lives in rural western Minnesota, where she resides on a 40-acre farm with her wife. Prior to moving from St. Paul to the farm in 2020, she worked in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years, focusing on rural entrepreneurism, hunger relief, animal welfare, recycling, and community development and outreach. Kate also spent 10+ years as a professional baker at co-ops, restaurants, and independent bakeries throughout the Twin Cities. Kate is thrilled to bring her ideas, energy, and passion for building organizational connections to the Care Farming Network and hopes to (one day) operate a Care Farm on her property. But first, she's focusing on how to teach her city dogs to not chase cars in the country, learning more than she ever thought she'd need to about surviving the long winters, and growing all sorts of vegetables and fruits. In her spare time, Kate enjoys metalsmithing, foraging, relaxing in her recently built wood-burning sauna, and baking for neighbors and friends.

Gabrielle is a community organizer, educator, and musician based in Rockville, Maryland. They recently joined Care Farming Network’s team and will focus on social media. This summer, Gabrielle will graduate from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Rights. Gabrielle advises a local youth organization called DC Teens Action, and serves as a Commissioner on the Human Rights Commission of the City of Rockville, and as a Public Representative on Montgomery County's Committee Against Hate/Violence. As a singer-songwriter, they have released an album and several singles and regularly perform in concerts, protests, and other events throughout the region. Gabrielle strives to make activism accessible and to amplify underrepresented voices through music as well as more conventional forms of advocacy. They are a Jewish Brazilian-American and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and they have Autism Spectrum Disorder along with other disabilities that have played an integral role in their creative, advocacy, and nonprofit work. Gabrielle’s brother participates in a job training program with one of CFN’s member farms (and absolutely loves it), so Gabrielle is very passionate about the empowerment and social opportunities that Care Farms are able to provide.