Care Farming Consultation with Hearthfire Farm

May 10, 2023

The Care Farming Network provides expert advice and guidance on how to start, build, and grow a care farm.  Our consultants have more than 30+ years of experience in care farming leadership.  We love talking to folks, whether you are in the idea phase or are an established care farm needing support with a specific question or issue.

Recently we consulted with Gracey Belle at Hearthfire Farm in Texas.  She and her husband own property in Blanco County and envision creating a life-sharing community where people with disabilities live and work alongside typically-abled adults.

What a Consultation Looks Like

We scheduled a pro-bono one-hour Zoom consultation, during which we learned more about Gracy Belle’s vision for her farm. Gracy Belle has started several nonprofits (and already had an established board of directors in place), yet had specific questions related to care farming.  During our conversation, we helped identify and prioritize her needs, which included talking through fundraising efforts, creating a website & social media presence, and finding the right people to help implement her ideas.

Connecting members and finding ways we can support and help each other is one of Care Farming Network’s main goals. Back in Maryland, we heard that our friend Kate McDowell, Farm Manager at A Farm Less Ordinary, was moving back to her home state of Texas. This is why we made sure that Kate and Gracy knew about each other… and we’re elated to hear that Kate is now working to help get Hearthfire Farm off the ground.

Congratulations, Hearthfire Farm, on your ribbon cutting and beautiful new website!

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Gracy Belle cutting the ribbon at Hearthfire Farm.