Peacehaven Community Farm

January 11, 2023
Peacehaven Farm Collage

Peacehaven is a nurturing, supportive community where the core values of communityrelationships, and growth are lived out on a daily basis.

  • Community is the most important word in our name. It reflects our central mission of meeting the basic need we all have to belong. The value of community is lived out in expanding circles that begin with the community of those sharing life together in our homes at the farm.
  • Relationships are the lifeblood of Peacehaven. We place a priority on building and maintaining healthy relationships including with self, others, community partners, donors, and guests. We recognize that hospitality - welcome and openness to another - is a key component.
  • Growth is our foundation. This includes individual growth, organizational growth and the seasonal growth that takes place on a farm.

We focus on three practices to live out these core values at Peacehaven:

  • Compassion – Compassion is our “keystone” practice, and the foundation and groundwater for Peacehaven. We practice compassion for ourselves, others, our communities, and our land and resources.
  • Servant Leadership - Servant leadership is practiced through the idea that we lead by serving others, requiring a mutuality of power and a humility of the self. This practice focuses on the growth and well-being of others and values the understanding that including the voices of those whom decisions effect is of utmost importance.
  • Sustainability – Peacehaven operates with practices in the present that function not solely for short-term gains, but for the long-term flourishing of Peacehaven as an organization, the individuals who belong to the Peacehaven community, and the environment. This includes sustainability of people, energy, agriculture, building, and finances.
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Community is our middle name. Building community is at the foundation of all we do. Peacehaven Community Farm is a sustainable farm located on 89 beautiful acres of organic gardens, rolling pastures, and lush woodlands that connects people with special needs to their community.

Future Life:

Community Center

Our hope is to one day build a community center on the farm. This space, designed to be accessible to those with physical and cognitive disabilities, will help us to become a hub of learning, growth and community life. Through partnerships with local universities, nonprofits, and other institutions, the community center will offer classes, workshops, community events, and other opportunities where our Core Members and others with disabilities will enter into meaningful working, learning, and community relationships with new people.

Vocational Training on 20 Acres

In 2016, Peacehaven received a gift of 20 acres of defunct nursery land. We plan to revitalize this site and create a horticultural-based vocational training day program for adults with disabilities.


We plan to build several more houses on the farm. Believing that choice is an important aspect of life, these houses will offer adults with disabilities several different housing options. The Core Members and Home LIfe Leaders who live at Peacehaven will be a dynamic and lively community, working and living together and modeling a sustainable life.

Location and Contact Information

1458 NC Highway 61
Whitsett, NC  27377


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