In partnership with Red Wiggler Community Farm, the Care Farming Network offers consultations focusing on how to start, build, and grow a Care Farm.  Our consultants provide more than 30+ years of experience in care farming.


"Since we spoke, I was able to work with NOFA-NJ to partner with a host farm so that I can begin to run consistent programming in one location with a  group of (paid) participants - your feedback directly helped me pivot in that way and gave me the encouragement to ask for that type of support! They've shared an announcement through their community of thousands of readers about our partnership and have committed to supporting my mission to pay each worker a set hourly rate above minimum wage, plus my "healthy belly" stipend per hour to enable workers to purchase organic produce directly from the farmer we're partnering with. I'm learning that asking for big things actually works! I'm hosting a  virtual info session event with interested participants/families next week and plan to have an on-farm start date later this month; I've also shared the announcement with other organizations and community members who support individuals with disabilities, so I'm encouraged that I'll be able to assemble individuals to work alongside me this fall.  I've also received invitations to speak at several local community groups' meetings this fall, so I'm hoping to increase awareness locally and beyond. I'll continue to be in touch but wanted to reach out now with these exciting updates and share my ongoing thanks with you all at Red Wiggler and the CFN for your continued support!"
Jennie, Lionheart Farm

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Andrea Barnhart Photo

Andrea Barnhart

With over 20 years’ experience working with non-profits and 9 years’ experience working at Red Wiggler Community Farm managing people with intellectual and/or developmental differences, Andrea hopes to strengthen the Care Farming movement by providing training and consultations to other Care Farms, sharing in their challenges and successes specifically focusing on how to integrate people of all abilities into a working care farm juggling production demands alongside of inclusion.

Andrea can offer support in the areas of:

  • Daily Operations of a Care Farm: Inclusion in farm tasks
  • Volunteer Management
  • Managing Staff (of all abilities)
  • Systems tracking (yields, distribution, and job skills development)
Woody - headshot - 2020

Woody Woodroof

Woody is the Executive Director and Founder of Red Wiggler Community Farm. Established in 1996, Red Wiggler is a 12-acre certified organic vegetable farm that provides meaningful employment and healthy food for adults with developmental disabilities.

Woody can offer support in the areas of:

  • Non-profit Management
  • Fundraising
  • Board Management
  • Care Farm Start-up
  • Identification of Needs