January Monthly Member Gathering Recording

January 6, 2023

The Care Farming Network hosted our January Monthly Member Gathering, which turned out to be a stimulating conversation on how a Care Farm in Jackson Wyoming is redefining farming and providing upwardly mobile career opportunities for community members with developmental disabilities.

Joining us was Caroline Croft Estay, Co-Founder & Chief Potential Officer of Vertical Harvest. Caroline crafted and implemented Vertical Harvest’s innovative “Grow Well” employee model. Her role as a unique “grower of people” is to develop new approaches and modalities for fun, individualized and meaningful employment based on employee feedback. She is passionate about providing underserved communities and differently-able individuals with the education, support and development to thrive at work.

Our next member gathering will occur Thursday Jebruary 2 2023 at 3 pm (ET.) Find out more here, and we look forward to seeing you!