Angel K Love Project Farm

February 9, 2023
Angel K Love Project

The AKLP is a farm based non-profit 501(C)3 organization whose mission is to provide love and healing to kids in need of holistic models of therapy. 

Our vision includes providing a variety of natural healing & wellness modalities such as equine therapy, farm animal-assisted therapy, horticulture therapy, nature therapy, art therapy, Yoga, Mindfulness, and more.

"Kids in need" include kids who are in need of getting outside and interacting with animals, plants, and nature to enhance their well-being, mental health, mood, and increase their physical activity.


Our goals involve inclusivity and collaboration with individuals and community-based resources across WNC to create sustainable solutions and loving support systems that positively impact kids from the LGBTQ+ community 🏳️‍🌈, BIPOC, minority, low-income, kids in Foster Care, and kids struggling with special needs and/or mental health.

We value, respect and celebrate diversity. We strive to make a safe space for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, race, ethnicities, immigration status, country of origin, religious beliefs, education, class, age, size, as well as mental and physical abilities.

Our Story

In 2012, a very special person to Amy and Michelle was killed in a tragic car accident. Her name was Karina. A year after her death, Michelle and Amy felt guided to create something positive and loving in Karina’s memory.

At Karina’s one-year memorial on March 4th, 2013, they had an inspiration to make 100 burritos for the homeless with their friends and family. After the memorial, Amy and Michelle delivered all those burritos to men, women, and children in areas of need. With a permanent marker, they hand wrote “Angel K Love Project” on the aluminum foil of each burrito and the Angel K Love Project was born.

Since that day, Michelle coordinated a variety of volunteer and donation projects every month on Facebook. She sent FB invites out to anyone who wanted to join the project. Initially, just close friends and family joined them, but after four years of volunteer work, people from around the city came out to help serve the community in and around Denver, CO.

Within 2 years, the Angel K Love Project Facebook page reached more than 1,000 likes from around the world thanks to Michelle and Amy's travels. After four years, they helped over 50 different non-profit organizations in a variety of ways and they clocked in 3,000 hours of volunteer work!

Location and Contact Information

Hendersonville, North Carolina







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