Helping Friendly Farm

November 8, 2023
Helping Friendly Farm

A one-of-a-kind nonprofit therapeutic farm in Bucks County, PA!

The mission of Helping Friendly Farm is to enhance the lives of disabled individuals and their families through the power of animals, nature, and safe sensory exploration.

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The farm is designed for families of anyone with ADD/ADHD/learning disorder, an autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, chromosomal disorder, chronic illness, developmental delay, Down syndrome, GARD, intellectual disability, mobility/movement disorder, mental illness, NORD, physical disability, and other invisible illness. At Helping Friendly Farm, we know that special needs are just needs. Everyone is welcome and we work to accommodate visitors’ needs as best as we can. We will never ask for proof of diagnosis.



Gardening allows us all to be nurturers, keeping us connected to other living things. It reminds us where our food comes from, and awakens our interest for new tastes and textures. Visitors can plant and harvest anti-inflammatory and immune boosting flowers, herbs, and berries at the Helping Friendly Farm. Guests can choose to plant a seed in a pot to take home, or plant directly in the garden for all to share. Lavender, rosemary, mint and blueberries are among our many plants with beneficial properties. Depending on the season, visitors may be able to pick peaches or apples from our fruit trees. Both apples and peaches have powerful antioxidants and numerous health benefits. We never use pesticides and grow our plants from certified organic seeds.

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Located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Founded in 2021






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