Esther Manor Farm

March 6, 2023
Esther Manor Logo

Esther Manor Farm is a Black owned, female-owned farm in the heart of Virginia

Services Offered:

  • Grow African ethnic produce and contribute to sustainable farming
  • Provide a nurturing space for children and adults with disability
  • Create a cross-cultural community around food and farming
  • Connect to nature and its abundance
  • Foster global networks and facilitate cross-cultural understanding


Esther Manor Farm

Our Philosophy

  • Family is at the heart of our business
  • We  support women entrepreneurs, people with disabilities, and fellow farmers
  • We create an inclusive culture that values all types of diversity-race, ethnicity, class, ability, religion, age
  • We know that amazing things happen when you follow your heart and live your purpose

Esther Manor Farm is, among many beautiful things, inspired by a mom's desire to create a meaningful vocational and social path for her adult son with autism.

Donate to Esther Manor Farm to install a Well and Irrigation System:

Beaverdam, VA 23013