Full Pocket Farm

January 6, 2023

Full Pocket Farm Friends supports integrated, farm-based opportunities for people of all abilities through educational opportunities, fostering community engagement, creating access and skill building.

Full Pocket Farm Pottery
Join us to learn, create, explore, meet new people, and have FUN! Farm Wednesdays are inclusive events and are open to EVERYONE!  Community Engagement, group home, and day support agencies are welcome to join us. 

Flower Arranging: Decorate a vase and learn how to create a beautiful flower arrangement with flowers from our Farm! 

Pottery Workshop: Explore using clay to create an amazing work of art with our resident artists.

BEE Kind: Learn about our bees and how we extract honey from our hives… and make a BE KIND sign to take home!

Terrariums and Fairy Gardens: Using succulents grown at the Farm, design a living terrarium or fabulous fairy garden!

Fishin’ at the Pond: Come bring your fishing pole and fish in our pond, or take a walk on the nature trail! Try out our remote control boats and picnic by the water!

Goat-a-Rama: Help celebrate the Birthday of our goats John and Daryl! Decorate goat cookies, learn about goats, and create a felted soap.

Holidays at Full Pocket
Our vision for Full Pocket Farm grew from our interest in serving our community and the desire to share the things we enjoy with others. We combined our experiences as service providers, teachers, farmers, and artists to create a place that provides opportunity to learn, grown, create, and explore. Our core team possesses degrees in areas of the Arts, Intellectual Disabilities, Education, and Agriculture.  ​

Location and Contact Information

PO Box 431 Montpelier, VA  23192 


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