Month: December 2022

December 23, 2022
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Vertical Harvest energizes local food systems via hydroponic, vertical, controlled environmental agriculture (CEA) to deliver healthier food and futures. We work with communities to develop underutilized space in urban, underserved neighborhoods, grow “up” on a fraction of the land required by traditional agriculture, while using 85% less water to deliver our produce at peak flavor and nutrition, year-round. We prioritize both our social impact and profitability, by leveraging a mix of public/private partnerships and operating with a customized, inclusive employment model currently focused on individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Additionally, we ensure each farm innovates at the intersection of climate, food accessibility and economic inclusivity to leverage food as a medium for change. Our goal is to develop a network of farms that serve locally, support regionally and scale nationally to bring food production closer to home and keep local dollars in-community longer.



Vertical Harvest grows food and futures by investing in each team member’s career path. Our Grow Well model fosters professional development, personal discovery and community impact through an  inclusive approach. The results speak for themselves:

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Located on a Town-owned, infill lot in the heart of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this 13,500 square foot greenhouse utilizes a 1/10 acre site to grow an annual amount of produce equivalent to 10 acres of traditional farming. Vertical Harvest enables the community to grow produce 365 days a year despite the difficulties posed by the harsh climate.


Projected to open in early 2023, Vertical Harvest Maine will grow 1,000,000 pounds of year-round produce in a 70,000 square foot hydroponic greenhouse and provide careers for up to 50 underserved community members. Part of a development that also includes affordable housing, a local market, and parking garage, the project will break ground in spring 2022.


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