Hiram Farm

September 12, 2023

Hiram Farm is a community project born out of the desire to provide inspiration and meaningful work for the individual growth of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities. Our vision is a program centered on farm activities such as: animal care, vegetable gardening, crop harvesting, and general farm maintenance.

Hiram Guitar Player

Our commitment to this project  includes developing the land with respect for the environment and the health of all individuals working on the farm. We will model organic sustainable agricultural techniques. Moreover, all buildings on the farm will be L.E.E.D certified and the farm will serve as a model of how to construct buildings and residences with the highest standards of sustainable building techniques.

Hiram Farm is an independent, non-profit social service organization related to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).


In 2008 a dedicated group of parents and professionals came together to fulfill a dream of providing enriching day services for their adult children with autism. After 18 months of planning and fundraising, the Hiram Farm program opened in June of 2009 on a 120-acre organic farm under lease from the Couch Farm Trustees. Six adult workers with autism were served by the program at that time. In the first year, a one-acre organic garden was planted, twelve small garden plots were made available to gardeners living in the Hiram community, the livestock program began, and a small greenhouse was constructed.

Over the years, our facilities expanded and we began to welcome adults with other developmental disabilities, in addition to autism, into our programs. In 2017 we welcomed our 31st individual.

This period of rapid growth has been challenging and rewarding. Our hope is that the Hiram Farm Living and Learning Community will be able to provide the employment opportunities and therapeutic activities to people with autism for many years to come.


Location: 11485 Garfield Rd. Hiram, OH 44234

Phone: 330-569-3441






Hiram Farm at dusk