Lettuce Dream

August 10, 2023

Lettuce Dream serves individuals with disabilities in northwest Missouri who have the desire to work and be participating members of the community. People of all abilities have equal access to achieve their career goals and contribute to their community. We empower individual potential through innovative career programs and community inclusion while growing fresh hydroponic produce year-round.

Sometimes a single conversation can affect the direction of an entire life. You might say that just a handful of conversations gave birth to the idea of Lettuce Dream. It started out when two mothers of individuals with developmental disabilities began discussing what the future might hold for their kids in adulthood. These mothers saw few options for their children once they finished high school and wound up deciding that they themselves would be the ones to change that.

Together, the mothers began strategizing how the idea of inclusion could extend into their children’s adult lives. They dreamed of a day where their children could expand their education after high school and saw a future of fulfillment for them. Sadly, at this phase, one of the mothers was struck with cancer. Before her passing, she promised to do what she could from heaven if only her friend, Diane, would continue making efforts here on earth. Diane has kept that promise and Lettuce Dream is the unfolding reality to prove it. Lettuce Dream is built on the idea that individuals with developmental and cognitive disabilities have a lot to give and that everyone is better off when they are an integral part of the wider community. These two mothers have made good on the promises they made to each other and we are witness to their dream coming true.

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Lettuce Dream focuses on providing customized services to each individual to support them in their career journey. Lettuce Dream is contracted with the Missouri Department of Mental Health and Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation to provide employment services to individuals with disabilities through prevocational assessment and discovery, career planning and job development, job coaching, retention, stabilization and follow-up, as well as ongoing support. Click here to learn more about programs!

Location: 1623 E. 2nd Street, Maryville, MO 64468

Email: support@lettucedream.org





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