Cooper Riis Healing Community

June 8, 2023

Our healing mission is to improve the lives of individuals struggling with mental illness or other mental health challenges by helping them work towards achieving their highest levels of functioning and fulfillment.

CooperRiis is a residential treatment and healing community providing primary supports for those struggling with serious and persistent mental health diagnosis. CooperRiis is a co-ed program for adults age 18 and up. We are a voluntary program that focuses on the strengths of the individual, as well as their hopes and dreams. At CooperRiis we truly embrace the fact that we are a community, supporting holistic healing. Our philosophy and approach is grounded in our Seven Domains of Recovery: Community & Connectedness, Spirituality, Physical Wellness, Emotional & Psychological Health, Purpose & Productivity, Intellectual Learning and Creativity, Empowerment & Independence. We offer individualized care and recovery planning, clinical services, and community work and connectedness focused on the development of independent living skills.

At CooperRiis we believe in human potential and not defining people by a mental health diagnosis. We believe that mental health recovery is possible, that individuals can rise amid life’s struggles and find an empowered path toward healing and wellness. The Farm program offers support through an integrated system of individualized care planning with the resident and every member of the treatment team, including the programming around the Community Work and Service piece on the Farm as well as the clinical team. Our Farm campus is on 94 rolling acres in Mill Spring, NC. The campus has several buildings including the main house and three lodges where resident rooms are. Mill Spring is approximately 45 minutes south of Asheville, NC.

We have a two story “Art Barn” with pottery wheels, a kiln, sewing machines, a 100+ year old loom, and painting and drawing supplies and a full wood working shop! We also have a mushroom inoculation tent where we inoculate logs with fungi for our kitchen to cook with. We have a pond with gates strung across it so our President & CEO, Eric Levine can practice his kayaking maneuvering skills-or teach others (residents and staff).

The Dream Statement: Each resident writes or articulates a personal Dream Statement, laying out their hopes for the future. Throughout the recovery process, the Dream Statement serves as a roadmap for each resident as they work toward their valued goals.

Recovery Planning: Following the initial assessment phase and development of a Dream Statement, a person-centered plan is created in collaboration with each resident. These plans are designed to develop immediate treatment goals in line with each resident’s Dream Statement and values as well as serving to meet standards for individualized care set forth by state licensure and insurance requirements.

We offer several therapeutic modalities for individuals. We have a psychiatrist on-staff that does individualized assessments with every resident and is available to meet with residents a minimum of every three weeks and as often as needed throughout their say. Nursing staff for medication management, and therapists who provide both individual and group therapy. Every resident has a therapist they see one-on-one twice a week for an hour each. Residents have a recovery coordinator (RC), who works similar to a case manager coordinating the overall treatment experience. We provide various modalities of treatment including trauma-informed care, DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), CBT (cognitive behavior therapy), subtle yoga, art therapy, and dual diagnosis/substance use groups. We also provide individualized discharge planning for all residents. There is a virtual Family Educational Program piece that residents loved ones can participate in virtually while the resident is in our care. Family members can also participate in bi-weekly phone calls with the residents RC to provide recovery education, progress updates, and collaborate on aftercare planning. Wellness: As part of the overall integrative wellness and recovery approach we have a physical wellness component. This is a chance for individuals to address the importance of being active, being mindfully in tune with their bodies and receiving education about dietary needs, supports, and healthy habits. Our nutritionist, massage therapist, personal trainer and wellness coordinator collaborate to address the physical wellness aspects of our programming. Purpose: Additionally, we offer an opportunity for our residents to engage in purposeful and meaningful work through our “CWS” or “Community Work and Service” program, which matches teams of residents, or crews, with work that contributes to daily life at CooperRiis. This could be the gardening crew, the greenhouse crew, the animal crew, the woodworking crew, or the campus crew. This aspect of our recovery approach allows our residents to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, to connect with their peers and give back to their community, and to build transferable functional recovery living and vocational skills.

Aftercare Planning: We understand that recovery is a journey and extends well beyond the residential treatment experience. It is vital that our residents and their families have a clear understanding of our assessment of needs and recommendations for aftercare support. We work as a team to develop a comprehensive and individualized plan that addresses goals and needs in the various domains of one’s life including but not limited to reviewing living arrangements, setting up ongoing psychiatric and clinical support, maintaining physical wellness, establishing a social network, engaging in structured time through outpatient programs, work or volunteer opportunities or educational pursuits.

Year Founded: 2003
CooperRiis at Asheville 85 Zillicoa St Asheville, NC 28801
The Farm at Mill Spring 101 Healing Farm Lane Mill Spring, NC 28756