Triform Camphill Community

June 26, 2022

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The mission of Triform is to build a vital community life for young adults with special needs, a supportive environment that offers each the possibility for healing, growth and self-development. As a Camphill Community, Triform bases its work on the recognition of the spiritual integrity of the individual regardless of ability, and aims to provide residents with dignified, meaningful work, a healthy social atmosphere, and a vibrant cultural, artistic and spiritual life.

Triform Camphill Community, in Hudson, New York, is a residential community for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It includes: 

  • a dynamic mix of over 110 people spanning many generations, cultures and ranges of ability;
  • residents who live in extended family homes and work side-by-side with live-in volunteers on our Demeter certified biodynamic/organic farm or in our gardens and artisanal craft studios;
  • a community where young people with Autism, Down syndrome, and other developmental and neurological disabilities participate in dignified, purposeful work; share in warm, supportive relationships and make meaningful contributions to the well-being of all; 
  • a special needs community offers an enriching social, intellectual and cultural life for its students.