Tavon Center

December 3, 2022

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Tavon Learning Center contributes to the vitality of our greater Seattle communities by providing active learning and community programs that empower adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to acquire home and community skills for living better. For people with disabilities, having an equal opportunity to participate in post-high school learning and make community connections can change everything!

The Tavon Learning Center provides active learning programs that are focused in three areas – social development, independent living, and community connections. The program is learner-centered and designed for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to discover, learn, and apply skills in real-life settings.

Nature-Based Learning which operates under the core principle that everyone deserves access to nature. Our six-acre nature-rich campus, with outdoor gardens and forested trails, provides us with a stepping-off point for exploration. Outdoor observation enhances creativity, boosts self-esteem, and enables our members to improve communication, pre-vocational, and creative thinking skills. Through our hands-on activities, projects, nature walks, horticulture, and animal care, we provide members the opportunity to connect to the restorative influence of the natural world.

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