Navarro Farm

October 6, 2023

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The Navarro family 5-acre farm has the purpose to create a place for individuals with special needs to participate in an agricultural experience – with the hopes of increasing their social skills and independence. Hence, a place to grow was born.

It is important for us to share the vision and goals of this special place that God has put in our hearts. As stated in the Bible, “That if we delight ourselves in Him, He will give us the desires of our hearts.” So now we must ask ourselves what are we going to do with this seed that God has planted within us? Are we going to water and tend to it and watch it grow and bear fruit, or are we going to allow the seed to wither away?

We chose the path to sow into the lives of others.

As parents, we saw a need. This was a need not only in our son’s life but also in the lives of his friends, family, and community. It comes from our hearts and is driven by the desire to play a part in the growth of individuals. Moreover, we feel beyond happy and blessed to do so.

Our goals are to nurture, elevate joy, and harvest growth not only in crops that thrive on the farm but in the lives of individuals with special needs. By sowing one seed at a time, we can help to make a lasting impact in their lives whilst coming from a place of love.

Navarro Farm rendering
22155 S. 104th Avenue Frankfort, Illinois 60423