GoodLife's Midnight Farm

August 30, 2023

Midnight Farm offers a chance to connect with nature and explore various forms of creativity in a beautiful, rural setting located in Douglas County, KS.

Individuals can interact with farm animals and help care for them or learn to drive golf carts and maintain them. Interested in Gardening? You have the chance to cultivate your green thumb with a variety of agricultural activities in the gardens and greenhouse.

Midnight Farm also offers a myriad of art spaces promising hands-on encounters with pottery, ceramics, textiles, printmaking, mosaics, sculpture, and more! The music program offers instrumental classes, including ukulele and djembe drumming, musical theater, and vocal music.

‚ÄčThe newest addition to Midnight Farm is the expansion of our on-site work program, where professional work experience can be combined with a safe learning environment. With performances and programming year round the Farm has a lot to offer!

farm in winter