Madison Fields

December 28, 2020

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Madison Fields is a community-powered agricultural resource center that builds community resilience by cultivating an environment for wellness, opportunity, and connection for the benefit of historically underserved and isolated populations.

We envision a bright future where every member of our community provides and receives the support necessary to embody their inherent worth and value; enjoys generative relationships with themselves, others and the land; and participates in the joint project to realize our fullest human potential.


Our Job Readiness Program is a person-centered, work-based learning program affirming that all individuals have value to add and vital contributions to make in the building up of our communities and our world.

The mission of this program is to provide structured opportunities for adults with physical, cognitive, or developmental disabilities and other challenges to discover interests in agriculture, expand knowledge, gain experience, and develop skills that assist them as they explore the possibility of future employment.

The Job Readiness Program at Madison Fields offers six-week and eight-week sessions which meet twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-2pm. Throughout the session, participants learn soft skills like teamwork, communication, flexibility with tasks, problem-solving and self-management. These are skills that transfer to any job. In addition, participants will learn hard skills related to the following jobs:

  • Equine Care – grooming, feeding, cleaning, paddock maintenance
  • Barn Maintenance – sweeping, arena care
  • Goat Care – milking, feeding, mucking, and soap making
  • Chicken Care – feeding, cleaning, collecting eggs

At the conclusion of the session, participants who complete the program receive a Certificate of Completion and a full written progress report.