Lonely Worm Farm

June 15, 2023

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Lonely Worm Farm is a fledgling farm and arts program for people of all abilities in Hyde Park, NY. Inspired by their son Felix and the abundant life on their land, Eliza and Jason founded Lonely Worm Farm with the intention of creating a place where people dealing with disability can connect with nature and each other.

Lonely Worm Farm’s workshops and classes are designed to be flexible and inclusive. Teaching is individually tailored to build skills, deepen conceptual understanding, and provide job training.

  • Our agriculural classes teach earth friendly farm skills, wild food and herb identification, and the basic principles of ecology. Our arts classes are aimed at self expression, community collaboration, experimentation, and awareness and respect for materials.
  • Classes are led by instructors trained in that particular discipline.
  • Individuals of ALL abilities are welcome. We work with school groups, senior centers, disability groups and the general public.

In season, we invite neighbors to drop by and pick their own ecologically raised zucchini, beets, cucumbers, rainbow chard, kale, radishes, tatsoi, napa cabbage, wild and cultivated flowers, medicinal and culinary herbs.

Members may pick all the flowers, vegetables and herbs they need any time of day and weekends, too. Members are also welcome to make use of the picnic area. Membership costs $90/month and entails a brief training. Volunteers who work two 3-hour shifts a month will receive a complementary membership.

We follow regenerative agricultural practices when growing our food and tending our land.  No plants will ever be sprayed with chemicals that are dangerous to the environment or you.