Empower Farms

February 6, 2023

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Empower Farms is a certified-organic farm located in Florida City, FL that was founded in 2014 with a mission to create a working farm that also served as a sanctuary for people with disabilities. We started small, selling our first crops at farmers markets and serving the disabled community through field trips to the farm with local partners. We are proud to have grown to currently employ 13 people with disabilities, provide our local community with fruit and vegetables through our CSA program and à la carte online store, and sell some of our products online nationwide. This journey has always been rooted in permaculture principles and our mission to serve the disabled community is directly tied to our other objectives like regenerating the soil, reforestation, and of course, producing fresh, organic, healthy food for our community.

At our small but intensively managed farm we grow vegetables, fruit and other crops like turmeric; produce potted plants in our nursery; care for a beautiful flock of egg-laying chickens; and have dedicated strategic parts of our land to re-establishing and protecting native plants and trees like the South Dade Slash Pine that used to cover most of Miami-Dade County.

Our diverse range of crops and fruit trees allows us to produce food year-round in the sub-tropical, South Florida climate all the while employing folks with disabilities.

We grow a variety of vegetables throughout the winter growing season that we deliver directly to our customer’s doors along with seasonal fruit and the option to add on eggs.

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