Down Home Ranch

December 30, 2022

The Care Farming Network is proud to feature care farms from across North America in our member directory. You can view our national directory by clicking on “Find A Farm” in the menu above. To contact this care farm directly, you can find their website and/or social media links in their listing below:

Empowering the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through social, educational, residential and vocational opportunities.


  • Providing residency for people with IDD in 6-bed, 4-bed, 3-bed, 2-bed and 1-bed homes
  • Providing vocational skills training and paid employment, with diverse job opportunities and options both on and off the Ranch
  • Providing a community for people with and without IDD to enjoy companionship, friendships, fun, travel, recreation and an active lifestyle
  • Integrating itself into the surrounding local communities and the larger Austin metropolitan community, while becoming increasingly active on the national stage
  • Seeking to be on the cutting edge in creating an entrepreneurial organization that attracts people interested in disability, horticulture, agriculture, environment, good stewardship and more


We will provide a high quality of life for our residents, offering lifelong opportunities and supporting individual choice.  Our programs will make it possible for everyone to benefit from our unique environment.


  • Individual Connection with the Rancher
  • Do With, Not For – Lead by Example
  • Use Your Skill Set to Move the Mission Forward
  • Be of Service


  • Expanding enterprise opportunities for Ranchers
  • Facilitate a healthier lifestyle for Ranchers
  • Restraining expenses, increasing income, cutting energy use and cost, using resources (e.g. water, electricity, vehicles) wisely, building an endowment
  • Achieving a balanced operating budget, with income growing faster than expenses