Cura Personalis Project, Inc.

December 27, 2020

Mission: The Cura Personalis Project strives to provide a range of pre-vocational and vocational experiences to individuals with developmental disabilities. Through workshops, field experiences and daily work experiences, CPP provides training, mentoring and supervision to support individualized vocational, social and functional life skills necessary for individuals to reach their potential during their adult lives.

Description: Cura Personalis Project, Inc. is a vocational and pre-vocational training center for young adults and transitioning youth with developmental disabilities.

Starting as a pilot program in July 2014, Cura Personalis Project Inc. teaches individuals with developmental disabilities vocational, social, and life skills based an individual abilities and interests. Meeting daily on a farm in the Wheaton area of Montgomery County MD. The project supports a group of young adults and transitioning youth who perform animal care, gardening, and property maintenance tasks. Additionally, the group engages in various recreation and community events throughout the county.