Cultivating Hope Farm

July 13, 2022

Our mission is to grow and support the health and well-being of persons with different abilities through care farming practices. We will cultivate growth through the planting of knowledge and skills that are transferrable to everyday life through the incorporation of animals, agriculture, and recreation. Our family-centered program provides a unique learning environment for participants to work on their individual goals and guide them towards a successful future.

Our vision is planting seeds, growing skills, and cultivating lives.

Planting  —> seeds of knowledge

Growing  —> skills by learning and working with animals and agriculture

Cultivating —> participants by helping them attain their goals to guide them towards a successful future

Cultivating Hope Farms is an inclusive, family centered, supportive environment using farm care practices to help our participants learn valuable life and job skills. We value kindness and acceptance above all and encourage fun during work and play.  


Cultivating Hope Farm Logo
Donkey getting hugged