Bellcate School: La Finca Program and Garden Project

April 3, 2024

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Bellcate School exists to support youth with special learning needs towards achieving personal growth and success. We understand growth to be a challenging process for anyone. We recognize that this process requires time and support, and we are committed to guiding youth in affecting positive change. With a team of highly trained, committed, and qualified teachers and staff, Bellcate School has supported numbers of youth in exploring, understanding and taking positive action.

La Finca is a 15-acre therapeutic farm. Students have access to donkeys, goats, poultry, frogs, dogs, pastures, a pond, and a sugar forest. This season-centered program exists to teach students about human nature, animal nature, and mother nature. This program’s goal is to support each student’s development through social skills support, character and values exploration, vocational skills development, animal training, and land and farm stewardship. The Garden Project reconnects and integrates students to the natural world and their local agricultural community. The Garden Project teaches valuable gardening and agricultural concepts as well as engages students in developing practical skills in relationship to germinating, cultivating, harvesting, and storing local and organic foods. Over the course of the school year the students strive to plant and maintain a school garden. During the spring quarter students are introduced to seed starting techniques, and instructors help them to develop a clear understanding of plant life cycles. Students participate in garden planning and maintenance, including composting our food waste.