21 Roots Farm

June 10, 2022

21 Roots Farm is a 501(c)3 with a commitment to transform the lives of people impacted by developmental disabilities through enhancing skills and cultivating independence by incorporating nature and agriculture into their daily lives.

21 Roots Farm offers high-quality nature and agriculture-based programming that helps people with developmental disabilities cultivate a sense of purpose and community. By fostering inclusive connections that are rooted in real life, we provide opportunities, resources, and support that encourages all people to tend to their gifts and harvest their full potential.

21 Roots Farm is located on 21 acres in Grant, Minnesota, near White Bear Lake. The property contains a picturesque barn, rolling hills, woods, grazing land for animals, an apple orchard, vegetable gardens, and several acres of prairie with native grasses and wildflowers. It is currently home to chickens, goats, cows, cats donkeys, and 6 hives of bees. 21 Roots Farm is more than your typical hobby farm. Here, we grow lifelong friendships. Here, we harvest bumper crops of laughs. Here, we cultivate community, independence and empowerment for people with developmental disabilities(in addition to the 15+ varieties of apples). Come find out what 21 Roots Farm is all about.

Boy with goat