Wayside Farm Nursing & Rehabilitation

February 15, 2023


Provide consistent nursing care, support, education, and therapeutic rehabilitation to help those with a mental health diagnosis reach their maximum potential.

Skilled Nursing & Therapy

Our licensed nurses and therapists provide skilled nursing services and physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation programs individually designed to meet each resident’s specific needs.

Long-Term Care Mental Health Care

Our mental health programs are designed to assist in stabilizing those that suffer from mental illness. Some of these programs include Mental Health Counseling, Behavior Modification Programs and Life Skills as well as focusing on personal growth and hygiene.

Life Enrichment

Life Enrichment at Wayside Farm is much more than bingo. We offer around 300 activities a month and 48-acres of land which includes taking care of our horses, chickens and geese. Our Resident Vocational Programs are designed to prepare residents for life outside of our care.

Wayside Farms
4557 Quick Road Penninsula, Ohio 44264