Vacant Lots Farm Club

September 18, 2023

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Vacant Lots Farm Club (VLFC) is a non-profit urban farm that enhances Calgarians’ wellbeing by converting vacant lots into therapeutic growing spaces.

We convert vacant lots into therapeutic growing spaces, through practical volunteer work.

We offer memberships, team building workshops, field trips, farm tours, and retail products.  Activities will highlight farm features and engage people in seasonal tasks that provide an array of educational experiences ranging from mindfulness training, nature appreciation, to environmental awareness and making compost. A large portion of the food and flowers grown will go to these revenue activities, the remaining will go to our dedicated giving initiative. To give back to the community at large we support local therapeutic horticulture programs with materials and resources. By signing up, customers are a significant part of our network to share with groups such as hospitals, seniors residences, Indigenous care groups, and schools.

Vacant Lots Farm Club