The Farm At Our House

October 6, 2023

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We are committed to sustainable agriculture and implement restorative practices associated with regenerative farming including no-till farming to avoid disturbing the soil, using heavy mulching instead to keep down weeds and cover cropping. No-till farming helps maintain soil biodiversity and increases the earths capacity for carbon sequestration while cover cropping helps with erosion and replenishes the soils vital nutrients.

Our History

In 2007 a turbulent economy resulted in lost summer work. With their first child on the way Katherine and Marc Grossman looked for alternative sources of income. Marc, a history teacher in MCPS, turned to his other skillset, farming, which he had honed over the course of a few years previously. His journey began by renting 6 community garden plots at a Rockville, MD community garden and using only hand tools to cultivate salad greens which he sold at the Olney Farmers Market.  At the market, Marc met his future farming partner, John Brill. His passion had been sparked!

Together, in 2008, Marc and John started what was then Sligo Creek Farms on a third of an acre of land with only a walk-behind rototiller, some hand tools, and lots of heart. The farm was renamed The Farm at Our House in 2012. Since then, we have dug a well, put up thousands of feet of deer fencing, laid thousands of feet of irrigation piping, constructed 6 high tunnels, built several walk-in fridges and erected washing and cooling stations. We now grow on 10 acres of land and manage 25 acres in total. It would not be possible without the incredibly talented and devoted people who have joined us on this sustainable agriculture journey.

The Farm operates on land owned by Our House, a residential job training center for at risk youth. Our farming success is due in great part to the creative vision of the founder of Our House Richard Bienvenue and longtime board member Dr. Ed Gould as well as the current Our House staff. We extend our gratitude for the continued support offered by current Our House executive director, Beatrice Rice and business director, Laura Herron.

The farm is currently owned by Marc, Katherine and long time farm manager, Anh Doan, a talented organic farmer and visionary originally from Vietnam.

The Farm at Our House first received USDA Organic Certification from the Maryland Department of Agriculture in 2008 and has maintained it ever since.

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