The Center for Discovery

June 15, 2023

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The Center for Discovery® (non-profit organization), designated as a Center of Excellence by the New York State Department of Health and OPWDD, is a major research and specialty center that offers residential, medical, clinical and special education programs as well as world-class Music and Creative Arts Therapy, Adapted Physical Education, and a biodynamic agricultural program among other unique services.

The Center for Discovery® is dedicated to serving children and adults with complex conditions, medical frailties and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Generous support from families and friends ensures that we can provide the highest quality of care and move the field forward.

Located on 1,500 acres of land in the Mid-Hudson Region, less than two hours from New York City, The Center has become a magnet institution where individuals from around the region and world travel to receive highly advanced care and access to groundbreaking research and treatment for a myriad of complex conditions. The Center has a long history of innovation in curriculum development, program implementation, and assistive technology, leading to significant breakthroughs and life-changing opportunities.

The Center for Discovery’s Department of Nourishment Arts®, or DNA®, is a living model of our Food is Medicine® principle. DNA® recognizes that nutrient dense, clean, whole food is fundamental to realizing true health through optimal nutrition. We bring together farmers, chefs, and nutritionists to ensure the food we provide, and its nutrition values, are maximized at every point along the food chain. Our main focus is to harness the therapeutic power of food to create an internal environment for all bodies and brains to thrive. Literally, quality care from the inside out.

DNA® is a groundbreaking approach to providing all individuals at The Center for Discovery® – staff, students, and residents – with the ultimate whole foods experience.

31 Kinnebrook Rd. Harris, New York 12742

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