Spirited Breeze Care Farm

October 9, 2023

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Where Therapy Meets Nature


I realized how much our friends and family enjoyed spending time on the farm. We had forgotten just how relaxing it can be to sit on the deck or by the pond listening to the sounds of nature.  But when a friend commented on the sense of peace and security they found in doing this, I knew that we had a unique opportunity to share this experience with others.  And, as therapists who spent the last 25 plus years providing therapy in a sterile office, we knew that this could be a better way to engage others in their wellness journey.

While the animals and the outdoors are therapeutic in and of themselves, we also work with a Certified Art Therapist, Jennifer Searing, LPC, ATR-BC, CBIS, and a professional ceramics artist as another alternative treatment. Art means something different to everyone, but the experience of creating beauty in the service of connecting with yourself is universally appreciated and recognized as important.  Whether it is through drawing, painting, sculpting or working with natural fibers, the expression of self and the opportunity to find meaningful change is ever present.

We are also pleased to offer medication management to our clients. We work with a psychiatrist who will complete initial evaluations for starting medications as well as on going medication management appointments.

In addition to our professional staff we also work with a number of wonderful volunteers! We have several licensed therapy dogs who join us with their people for individual and group work.