Safe In Austin

March 24, 2024

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A judgement-free space for children and animals that come from abuse or have special needs to visit and feel Safe! Our animals partners provide healing and hope to trauma, at-risk, and/or special needs children, by sharing kindness and unconditional love.

Safe in Austin’s story began with a Great Pyrenees appropriately named, “Angel”. It wasn’t until a discounted service dog Angel joined our family, that we would see just how magically an animal could transform lives. She completely changed my son’s life and inspired us to start

Safe in Austin provides a loving home to our animal partners who come from abuse, neglect or have special needs and invites children from the same backgrounds to connect with the animals because everyone deserves to experience unconditional love and healing.

Our mission is “Rescue animals, Rescuing children! What we do here is important, and it’s also unique. We want to be a beacon of kindness. We want to prove to so many animals and people that have been hurt or lost in a broken system that unconditional love does actually exist, and we are willing to share it with them. When we hear from people that say “I don’t have any money, but my child is hurting, and I think we could benefit from your place” my immediate response is “Love doesn’t cost a thing and we can’t wait to meet you!”