July 27, 2022

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R.O.O.T.S. (Reaching Outside of Traditional Schooling) Youth+ Development Program, a community full of passionate educators that strive to bridge the gap in learning, teach self-sufficiency, and promote altruism within our local community. Ages 1-adult!
We believe there is a monumental need to heal the disconnection between the people themselves, and the earth that provides for us. We are inspired to help raise up a generation of children who are deeply connected to the world around them, have the knowledge and practical life skills to live self-sufficiently, while promoting altruism to build community. Introducing children to these skills at a young age will establish an amazing foundation for their futures.
ROOTS Offerings:
-Weekly after school workshops on the homestead (12 week sessions)
-Summer Camps on the homestead
-Pop workshops & Field Trips on the homestead
-Off-site workshops at local businesses
-Foster Care Sponsorship opportunities
-Adult & Teen workshops
-Parent’s Night Out (themed drop offs)
-Birthday Parties & Events
-upROOTed: ROOTS Sponsored Field Trips & Community Service Homeschool Group
-Grounded ROOTS Yoga
-Mentoring for tweens and teens to prepare for job readiness
ROOTS Pillars: Workshops/Events will incorporate our Pillars: Regenerative Farming, Nature Studies, Bushcraft, Animal Husbandry, and Homesteading.
All workshops will integrate the teaching of healthy interpersonal skills (leadership, teamwork, communication, empathy, problem solving, etc)
Collage for ROOTS
Peterkins Rd. Georgetown, Delaware 19947

Population Served