Rainy Day Farm Mentoring Center

August 8, 2022

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Indoors and out, Rainy Day Farm is a philanthropic center for wellbeing. Our alliances and business partners are focused on joyful intergenerational relationships and building community. Through group activities and mentoring we are addressing anxiety/Asperger’s, autism and everything teen.

Families today need a break. If your loved one has special interests or special needs, you know that Rainy Day feeling. We want to be a source of support, a place to meet a mentor, pursue a hobby, or just an escape for a picnic. We are flexible so we can plan to meet your circumstance at no charge.

We are creating social opportunities to elevate each other. At Rainy Day Farm we plant seeds, nurture confidence and celebrate growth.

We are advocates for seniors, the disabled (especially teens), and veterans. A center for art, dance, theater, garden-to-table nutrition, and wise investments. Our workshops will set goals, identify tasks and lay the foundations for the future.

We are outfitting outdoor classroom space, a teaching kitchen, and we just completed a special tutor/conference room with a glass bankers window. With our large grassed areas, gardens, 15-car level parking area and endless projects less than 15 minutes from all of the Bath/Brunswick area, we would love to consider program development with you. There’s lots to do. Please reach out to us on messenger.

Kids gardening at Rainy Day Farm Mentoring
409 Bath Rd. Brunswick, Maine 04011