Prairie Star Care Farm

June 7, 2023

The Care Farming Network is proud to feature care farms from across North America in our member directory. You can view our national directory by clicking on “Find A Farm” in the menu above. To contact this care farm directly, you can find their website and/or social media links in their listing below:

Prairie Star Care Farm offers destination programming with opportunities for people seeking to enjoy the restorative experience of a farm.  It is a place where people with and without a defined need come together to reconnect with nature, plants, animals, and one another.  Connecting with nature makes us feel good and allows us the chance to move freely through and with our environment. 

As humans, we have a special relationship with the natural world and our choices not only impact our wellbeing but also the health of the planet. When we talk about connecting with nature it includes our access to and engagement with it. Which is why our mission is to provide a place to help people engage in a relationship with nature – a relationship that helps themselves and the planet. And we do this through evidence-informed, nature-based recreation activities; innovative education; and community engagement events.

We use the term “Care Farm” (also known as social farming) because the land, animals and gardens are the partnership from which we promote health and wellbeing.  The model of ‘care farming’ comes from Europe, (beginning in the Netherlands around 1949) and has grown internationally since. No matter where you find a care farm you will find a common purpose of empowering whole person participation in farm-based recreational activities to benefit human well-being and planetary health. ​ 

6173 County Road 6 NW Princeton, Minnesota 55371