Jacob's Ladder

March 8, 2023

​​At Jacob ’s ladder, we believe abstinence without a committed recovery lifestyle is not a long-term solution to drug and/or alcohol addiction. A healthy, life-long recovery is achieved through intentional and meaningful substance abuse treatment. The foundation built in a long-term residential treatment program prepares individuals to practice and live a purpose-driven existence.  Jacob’s Ladder’s unique offerings, which include a working farm, mindfulness-based relapse prevention and meditation, music & art programming and wilderness adventure therapy synthesize multiple treatment modalities designed deliberately to offer personalized addiction treatment and to facilitate an awakening for a lasting recovery experience.

A typical “day on the ladder” includes daily chores, morning and evening meditation, mindful farming, lecture/education, step work, structured free time, 12-step meetings, and Jacob’s Ladder Community Meetings. Once or twice weekly, off-site recreation, recreation therapy and individual, group and/or family therapy should be expected.

The Jacob’s Ladder community is grounded in the belief that an atmosphere of authentic love, and unconditional positive regard is not simply a cliché, but rather, the curative essence in holistic addiction treatment. Therefore, we emphasize our agrarian, therapeutic model as a means of helping our clients find meaningful and lasting connections with their peers and themselves.