Impact Life

December 5, 2022

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Impact Life’s mission is to build a solid foundation of substance use disorder (SUD) recovery
through unique recovery residences, peer support, workforce development services, cultural
and spiritual experiences, opportunities for leadership, and service work projects for Delaware
residents seeking much-needed recovery and reentry help. Impact Life was established and
awarded 501c3 status in 2020. Domenica Personti, the Founder and CEO of Impact Life is a
veteran of recovery and reentry with 26 years of behavioral health experience helping people,
and her goal in starting Impact Life was to creatively address the gaps she sees in even the
best recovery programs locally and nationally. For those with SUD who are justice-involved,
reentry help through recovery housing and wraparound programs is a priority. Impact Life
currently runs SUD recovery housing and associated programs in partnership with atTAck

About the Sanctuary at Impact Life Farm

The Sanctuary at Impact Life Farm, located in Seaford, Delaware, will be an agriculturally based
recovery program with permanent recovery housing, workforce development (agriculturally
based entrepreneurship as well as entrepreneurship in other fields), case management, spiritual
support, therapeutic arts, and other forms of recovery support. Like other Impact Life programs,
the Sanctuary operates under the tenets of Compassion, Connection, and Kinship. We believe
those are the keys to long term healing. It will be a safe place and a one-stop shop for people in
recovery to reside. It will be a place where those in a vulnerable post-treatment state can solidify
their recovery, their life skills and get the help they need to re-enter life confidently, with a plan,
a community, and training behind them. At the Sanctuary, our aim will be to help participants
move forward to full recovery, a life of sobriety, a feeling of community, and self-reliance.

The Sanctuary at Impact Life Farm is housed on 17.05 acres of land in Seaford, Delaware,
which will be used for farming, gardening, fishing/aquaponics, and animal-assisted therapy.
These unique social care farming approaches combine the National Agricultural Literacy
Outcomes with the renowned 12 steps of addiction recovery. Participants engage in hands-on
learning opportunities, including homesteading, regenerative farming, commodity marketing,
financial literacy, gardening, multiple therapy modalities, and exposure to general farm life. The
Sanctuary builds on years of experience that the Impact Life team brings to the table.

Impact Life aerial photo
Impact Life Horse in snow
Impact Life Fall trees on lake