Green Care Lab

July 8, 2024

The Care Farming Network is proud to feature care farms from across North America in our member directory. You can view our national directory by clicking on “Find A Farm” in the menu above. To contact this care farm directly, you can find their website and/or social media links in their listing below:

The Mission of the Green Care Lab is to foster a collaborative environment where academic researchers and community healthcare professionals join forces to understand, solve, and communicate the benefits of Green Care using research, education, and public engagement with a deep commitment to social justice.

Our research program operates at Pine Trails Ranch, a 22-acre animal sanctuary in West Davis that is home to about 80 horses, including two miniature horses, three miniature donkeys and three miniature pigs, dozens of geese and ducks, dogs and cats, the majority of whom were rescued, adopted, and/or re-homed. For over 30 years, the ranch has been owned by Matt and Michelle Haseltine, who run equestrian education programs for the greater Davis community. Their goal has always been to make nature and equine experiences as accessible as possible to the public. It was no surprise that they welcomed our lab’s ideas with open arms, and we are incredibly inspired by and grateful for their generosity and willingness to collaborate. Conducting our research at Pine Trails Ranch (as opposed to an on-campus university facility) forces us as researchers to break out of the ivory tower, creating opportunities for daily contact with countless children and adults of all ages and backgrounds. This, in turn, promotes more organic connections between our lab and the community, which are encouraged and facilitated by increased transparency, stronger feelings of trust, and a greater understanding of needs and intentions. We are excited to conduct our research within this vibrant community and beloved local institution!

Davis, California 95616