Full Spectrum Farms

October 12, 2022

Full Spectrum Farms is dedicated to serving people impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Western North Carolina by providing a farm community.   We strive to provide independence through meaningful work, recreation, and community involvement. through our many art classes, farm therapy and family workshops.

Founded in 2002 by parents of children with ASD, Full Spectrum Farms is a non-profit organization serving individuals with ASD in Western North Carolina. We are a thirty-four-acre farm where individuals with ASD can live, work, and explore in a safe and encouraging environment.  Full Spectrum Farms provides a unique model for ASD services as a nurturing community where individuals with ASD can live and work with a focus on organic farming and natural crafts and art.


1185 Wayehutta Rd Cullowhee, North Carolina 28723

Population Served