Flying Starlings

July 31, 2022

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Flying Starlings is esoteric and distinct in understanding the need for those with Autism | Neurodivergents (those who process information differently and may require assistance) to have a place where they can Restore, Create and be Celebrated among their peers and community.

Here you are embraced for who you are, as you are. Here all really are welcome.

Flying Starling’s Farm provides connection, classes, work skills, social opportunities, and acceptance. Finally, a place to grow, learn and soothe while surrounded by nature and gardens… a place to embrace your pure, true self among a variety of peoples, who process typically or those who process the world uniquely.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide education and community growth to children and families in the local area

Green Therapy

Being in Nature boosts growth and healing especially metal health. Walking through the wildflower field, planting a bulb, or picking flowers to create a bouquet removed the intensity of everyday life.

Art Wellness

Art helps explore emotions and thoughts. Opens the door for children to appreciate others talents. Builds self esteem and studies have shown it is valuable treating depression and anxiety.

Play & Imagination

Play and imagination isn’t just for toddlers. Exploring and creating from a place inside ourselves opens the door for expansive thinking. Play allows the freedom to reduce stress, engage with others and developed social skills.

Kids playing
Autism Farm
1279 Reed Rd. New Bedford, Massachusetts 02747

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