Fawn Hills Animal Sanctuary and Care Farm

February 25, 2023

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The mission of Fawn Hills Animal Sanctuary and Care Farm is to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships among humans, animals and the natural environment.

By honoring and nurturing the animal/human bond, we envision a world where our awareness of our connectedness compels us to respect one another and our planet.

We provide long-term care for abused, abandoned, and neglected farm animals. We work with local law enforcement agencies and other sanctuaries to accept animals that have been seized from neglect cases or abandoned by their owners. Many of the animals at the farm are adoptable.

Care farming
The purpose of care farming is to promote mental and physical health by giving people opportunities to spend time working with animals and on the land. At Fawn Hills, people, animals and the earth work together for mutual healing. We provide informal visits and will eventually offer supervised, structured programs teaching animal care, vegetable production, and other farming-related activities to foster youth, people with emotional and physical disabilities and anyone needing a dose of fresh air, dirty hands, or a hug from an animal.

Animal/Human Bond
The incredible therapeutic power of human/animal interaction is well documented. People who have contact with animals experience a decrease in blood pressure, reduced anxiety, and a general feeling of well being. By observing the behavior of animals, children learn to be more nurturing. Sanctuary animals benefit from these mutually respectful relationships as they learn to trust again. Our programs capitalize on this bond, providing opportunities for people to work directly with animals.

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