Farming Joy at Cobblestone Farm

January 22, 2023

Cobblestone Farm is a small farm and animal sanctuary; 1.63 acres to be exact. But big things can happen in small spaces! We’re a non-profit start up with a vision of creating an inclusive local community of farmers, artists, educators, and wellness entrpreneurs dedicated to making our world a better place through inclusion, kindness and respect…to ourselves, others, animals and the earth. Together, Farming Joy!

Our farm is 100% volunteer run. We have no paid employees. Our goal is to provide the space and opportunity/support, for local small business in the farming, arts, education,recreation and wellness sectors to come together to build an inclusive collaborative of services and programs designed to bring Joy and wellness to our local community.

Cobblestone Farm Sign
Cobblestone Farm animals
Cobblestone Farm animals
Marshfield, Massachusetts 02050