De la Farmille

May 4, 2023

*Audaciously blooming despite adversity while cultivating inclusive community*

De la Farmille aka Farmille Flowers is a Sabillasville-based farm. A little peace of Narnia nestled on top of Quirauk Mountain in Frederick County, MD… that has been in the De Lauter family for four generations. We coined the name “farmily” for our hobby farm of adopted animals. De la Farmille is a play on our French roots and lifestyle meaning, “from the farmily.”

We recently moved back to the area after retiring as a combat veteran family serving 20 years in the US Army. Due to recalculations along our journey for our son with complex autism, we are in the beginning stages of creating a “care farm” to provide a fulfilling career path for his future.

De la Farmille is a “small piece of a broader movement which utilizes farming as a therapeutic intervention to improve health, social, & vocational outcomes for vulnerable populations.” We cultivate the art of growing beautifully-organic, mountain-fresh flowers to promote self, as well as environmental & inclusive community sustainability.

When you buy from De la Farmille, you are taking part in a celebration of the beauty and uniqueness of flowers and humanity.

Sabillasville, Maryland 21780

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