Discovery Horse at Dandelion Farm

January 22, 2023

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Welcome to Discovery Horse at Dandelion Farm! It is our most sincere desire to offer a space for those in need of belonging, learning, and healing – we have intentionally crafted a therapeutic farm environment with this in mind.

At Discovery Horse, we model building an organization based on healthy relating principles from the bottom-up – we encourage the personal work that provides a solid foundation to providing services in a healthy, authentic way – without self-sacrifice and the resulting burn out that is so common in our fields.

We are a behavioral health and mental wellness agency located on a beautiful farm in Minnesota offering multiple approaches to healing individuals, families, and whole systems. We offer NeuroRelational Coaching and behavioral health interventions that conceptualize healing in the context of the whole person, their relationships, and their environment. Discovery Horse was founded in 2013 by NeuroRelational Coaches and partners Sara Sherman and Matt Schwab – after many years of imagining a better way to bring sustainable healing and growth to kids and their families.  The focus of the program is on providing a healing environment and healing relationships – so that the underlying needs of an individual/family/system can be met, and behaviors change as a result.  Healthy relationships to self, others, and the larger world are at the center of our mission.

Woman and Horse
Discovery Horse
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2748 County Road 122 Fort Ripley, Minnesota 56449