Care Outdoors Retreats

July 26, 2023

The Care Farming Network is proud to feature care farms from across North America in our member directory. You can view our national directory by clicking on “Find A Farm” in the menu above. To contact this care farm directly, you can find their website and/or social media links in their listing below:

Aging Services in a Climate-Changing World. Our Health is Interconnected to Nature’s Health

​Empowering individuals and communities to harness the full health potential of their surroundings, I am an eco-gerontologist dedicated to enhancing quality of life for people of all ages.

I work with individuals, health professionals, carers, and communities to create supportive, accessible and multifunctional green spaces. With a focus on nature-inspired education, I am dedicated to providing fun and engaging opportunities to benefit both people and planet.

Connecting with Nature has tremendous benefits for All Ages, yet those who depend on others to help them access the outdoors are more likely to lack daily exposure.

Why not make the most of outdoor spaces and provide opportunities for embodied experiences in Nature?

From observing the beauty of Nature to taking awe walks, these experiences can positively impact the quality of life and wellbeing for older adults, care teams and all ages.

Let’s value sensory engagement outdoors as a form of care and ensure everyone can enjoy the endless benefits of Caring In, With, and For Nature.

PO Box 431 Big Sur, California 93920

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