Autism Sanctuary

November 10, 2023

Autism Sanctuary promotes the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive benefits of connection with nature for those with autism, and by extension, provides agricultural work, internship opportunities, and respite for disabled individuals.

Autism Sanctuary is operated from the most amazing property and house in White Hall, Virginia — Edgefield.

Edgefield’s steward, Frances Lee-Vandell, created this remarkable location by claiming, then moving from River Road in Chesterfield, a 1780 home built by the second clerk of Chesterfield Court, William Watkins. The home was dismantled, board by board, and rebuilt onsite. It serves as an ideal location for events and informal gatherings.

Today, the property features a range of animals, from chickens to cattle to bees, and a robust garden with a range of vegetables. Fruit trees are growing and a large stand of pine is maturing.

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Autism Sanctuary house and property
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901

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