September 26, 2023

Growing Grounds Farm

Growing Grounds Farm and Nursery is one of three social enterprises operated by Transitions Mental Health Association.  Established over 35 years ago, Growing Grounds is a nonprofit wholesale nursery that provides therapeutic horticulture, socialization opportunities, paid employment, and soft job skills training for adults with severe and persistent mental illness.

Nursery workers at Growing Grounds

At the Nursery, we balance a traditional business model providing employment opportunities in a near competitive environment with the delivery of critically needed social services. Our goal is to grow a large selection of quality plants while providing an empowering environment where our employees progress on their path towards recovery.  Our employees earn minimum wage and work between 1.5 and 4 hour shifts. In order to be a paid employee, you need to have an open case with San Luis Obispo County Mental Health, and then be referred to the farm for an interview.


Man planting flowers

What Services Are Provided?

  • Soft job skills training necessary for any job. Including opportunities for increased responsibility and learning leadership skills.
  • A safe and supportive environment for strengthening social
  • A job and a
  • Access to trained staff to create personal milestones related to
  • Opportunities to compete for jobs in the community through the Supported Employment


Nursery plants

What Is the Work Like?

Most Employees are paid and are involved in every aspect of production from propagation and seed cleaning to planting, weeding, watering, pruning, selecting and preparing orders for delivery and helping on deliveries to customers. Employees work varying shifts, from 3–20, hours per week in an environment that rewards personal growth and initiative with increased responsibility. Most of the work at Growing Grounds is performed outside and is subject to the prevailing weather conditions. The work is physical, at times demanding, but rewarding and contributes significantly to an individual’s recovery and physical well-being.

Growing Grounds Workers


820 W. Foster Road Santa Maria, CA (Farm)

3740 Orcutt Road in San Luis Obispo, CA (Nursery

Phone: (805) 544-4967






Growing Grounds shed
September 18, 2023

Glenn Hope Care Farm

Glenn Hope Care Farm Logo


Glenn Hope Care Farm, provides nutritious and flavorful food for York County and surrounding areas. Our produce, free-range eggs, poultry, pastured pork, and grass-fed beef yield consistently high-quality food for the local community. In addition to providing quality food, we also provide camaraderie for military veterans. Veterans face many challenges, but through our on -farm activities and community outreach we provide the support that is so needed.


Aimee is a United States Marine Corps veteran with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a Masters degree in Kinesiology. She currently works in the mental health field and in 2018 she transitioned their family farm into a non-profit to support the physical and mental health of local veterans. Following in her grandfather’s footsteps, Aimee served her country as a member of the armed forces and continues to do so as part of the less than 2% of Americans who call themselves farmers.


As the founder and director of Glenn Hope Care Farm, her goal was to bridge the gap between health care and natural healing environments. Glenn Hope embraces “Green Care” philosophies, which is a term that is used to describe psychological, educational and physical interventions that involve using plants, animals and a nature environment to heal the human mind, body and spirit. As Glenn Hope Care Farm was being established, Aimee concurrently formed a for-profit entity, Glenn Hope Agricare LLC., which focuses on farming operations and production to help sustain the nonprofit's endeavors.


The establishment of Glenn Hope was a way to not only honor Glenn F. Cunningham Sr. but a means to continue to honor and serve the veterans of our community. The birth of Glenn Hope was necessary in order to bring something to the community that we needed but did not yet exist. It was laid on Aimee’s heart to bring a place where people could heal- where humility and living relationally was the primary focus. For so long in our society we have dehumanized business and namely “health care,” with our focus misplaced on numbers, census and productivity.


As human beings we bond not because of numbers but because of trust, empathy, loyalty and true concern for our fellow people. The constant prayer is that Glenn Hope become the hub of hope, humility and healing. Glenn Hope Care Farm is a tribute to Glenn F. Cunningham Sr. for his service to country, his family and the patriotism that proud wore on his chest until his passing in July of 2015.

Location: 3042 Glen Allen School Rd Felton, PA 17322

Phone: 717-891-7797







September 12, 2023

Hiram Farm


Hiram Farm is a community project born out of the desire to provide inspiration and meaningful work for the individual growth of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities. Our vision is a program centered on farm activities such as: animal care, vegetable gardening, crop harvesting, and general farm maintenance.

Hiram Guitar Player

Our commitment to this project  includes developing the land with respect for the environment and the health of all individuals working on the farm. We will model organic sustainable agricultural techniques. Moreover, all buildings on the farm will be L.E.E.D certified and the farm will serve as a model of how to construct buildings and residences with the highest standards of sustainable building techniques.

Hiram Farm is an independent, non-profit social service organization related to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).


In 2008 a dedicated group of parents and professionals came together to fulfill a dream of providing enriching day services for their adult children with autism. After 18 months of planning and fundraising, the Hiram Farm program opened in June of 2009 on a 120-acre organic farm under lease from the Couch Farm Trustees. Six adult workers with autism were served by the program at that time. In the first year, a one-acre organic garden was planted, twelve small garden plots were made available to gardeners living in the Hiram community, the livestock program began, and a small greenhouse was constructed.

Over the years, our facilities expanded and we began to welcome adults with other developmental disabilities, in addition to autism, into our programs. In 2017 we welcomed our 31st individual.

This period of rapid growth has been challenging and rewarding. Our hope is that the Hiram Farm Living and Learning Community will be able to provide the employment opportunities and therapeutic activities to people with autism for many years to come.


Location: 11485 Garfield Rd. Hiram, OH 44234

Phone: 330-569-3441






Hiram Farm at dusk